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Facebook making you all Googly Eyed?

The past week or so I’ve been reading about Facebook and changes to their algorithms for their Pages.  It affects you if you use (or intend using) Facebook Pages for your business.  Here’s what you need to know:

So, if Facebook is getting fussy – what’s an easier option?  Well, I’ve been looking at Google + in a new light and I wonder if this wouldn’t be a better alternative?  It’s free.  That’s always nice… And Google has Pages for business too, what a PLUS, haha, get it?  OK, my jokes are lame…

To use Google +, well, first obvious step is to have a Gmail account.

  • Then you need to set up your personal profile in Google + (you can edit things by visiting your profile page, see the little + next to your name, top right while you have your Gmail inbox open).
  • Once that’s done, create a page for your business.  Right there on the left, on the dropdown page where you found your profile settings, you’ll see ‘Pages’.
  • Don’t worry about not knowing what to do, you’re guided every step of the way (if you’re still clueless, Skype me, I’ll talk you through it).

Once your Google+ Page for your business is set up, then post regular, relevant content for your audience at the appropriate times.  I’ve just set up my page – check it out, I’ve posted a link on how to get more followers for your Business Page.

(In case you’re wondering what googly eyes are, the picture should help you understand…)

googly eyes