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On the same (Facebook) page

A bit of Facebook finesse for your business

If you’d like to share your business, product or service on Facebook, well… setting up a page is as easy as falling off a log. You can find the how-to here. Staying on the log, however is a tricky balancing act as far as graphics and frequency of content is concerned.

Make sure your cover photo is 851×315 (that’s in pixels) and the profile photo 180×180. The profile photo shouldn’t obscure anything important on the cover photo.

Frequency of content. Hmmm, well that depends largely on your audience. Once a day is normally enough and pick a time of day you know people will read the content you’re posting. Take a good look how your post will appear – ask a few people for feedback on the look and feel of things.


Here’s a good friend who’s doing a sterling job of it: CK-Ramics posts regular content often in the form of great pictures and has, over a period of time, attracted a good following.

If you want more tips on managing a Facebook page like a log-walking pro, here’s some more reading.

No need for a Facebook page? Well, keep an eye out for the next WebTip where we’ll look at other avenues to build an audience.

Have a brilliant week!