5 Websites for free stock images

The never-ending search for the picture that paints a thousand words, without getting into copyright hot water or spending a cent. WebWeaver’s top five favourite royalty-free stock photo sites:

Photo by Milos Simic on Unsplash

1. Unsplash

A community of over 40 000 photographers have generously made their high quality images freely available on Unsplash. Sign up for a free account – and credit the photographer when you use their image. Great for urban scenes, excellent shots of food, as well as landscape photography.






2. Pixabay

With more of a commercial bent, Pixabay offers copyright free images and video – all under the Creative Commons CC0 licence. Sign up for a free account. No accreditation of images needed. 



Jimmy Chang /

3. Magdeleine

Also featuring images in the public domain, this website does require that you credit the photographer. No account needed. You’ll find elegant, high quality images here much like Unsplash.




4. PicJumbo

Good variety of stock images also with a more commercial feel. There’s an option to open a paid premium account with a greater variety of images.




5. Gratisography

Quality, high res images – some with a quirky theme. Nice if you’re looking for something unusual and eye-catching. No account needed.