Social Media Tips to grow your following

8 Social Media Tips to Grow Your Following

How are you going to improve your social media strategy for 2019? Building a steady stream of followers is hard work – so here are some tips to draw the fans and keep them there: Customer service is priority: Online […]

3 Easy Facebook Marketing Hacks

A while ago, I did a little experiment on Facebook. I made a list of all my friends, clients and acquaintances with small businesses and mentioned two of them per day for two weeks on the social media platform. Well. […]

Speed, safety, stability – why PHP matters

What on earth is PHP and why is this important to your WordPress website’s loading speed and security? What’s PHP? It is simply a coding language all WordPress sites are built on. The particular version of PHP is normally set […]

15 Reasons to use WordPress

Why WordPress is a better option than almost any sitebuilder. If you’re a small business owner and the budget’s tight, you might be tempted to build your online presence with something free like Wix or (oh, please DON’T) Weebly, but […]

HTTPS for your business website

The EU with its GDPR isn’t the only online deadline for this year. Google is throwing out a biggie too. Earlier this year, Google announced a deadline for websites to move from HTTP to HTTPS and come July 2018, that […]


The questions your website needs to answer Did you know…? More than half of visitors are going to spend less than 15 seconds on your site? That means you need to grab attention FAST. Visitors to your site have questions, […]

Email marketing is still King

Email has not left the building. It still remains one of the best ways to reach people, and if done right, can be a tool to increase sales, build better relationships with your audience and do most of the heavy […]

Where have the Facebook pages gone?

Facebook has… once again… made changes to their platform, resulting in content from your favourite pages not appearing that often, if at all. No worries, though! Here’s a workaround, despite the far-reaching change, providing ways for you to still see […]

5 Pages to include in your business website

What is your business all about? Your site gives you an occasion to show off your services or products to potential customers or clients. It’s important to lay out your information effectively so they can find what they’re looking for […]

Row, row, row your boat

This is your captain speaking. Maybe you’re just starting out on your online business adventures or maybe you’re a seasoned sailor of the cyber seas, the bottom line for everyone remains the same.  It is this.  What online marketing tactic […]