The questions your website needs to answer Did you know…? More than half of visitors are going to spend less than 15 seconds on your site? That means you need to grab attention FAST. Visitors to your site have questions, […]

5 Pages to include in your business website

What is your business all about? Your site gives you an occasion to show off your services or products to potential customers or clients. It’s important to lay out your information effectively so they can find what they’re looking for […]

Row, row, row your boat

This is your captain speaking. Maybe you’re just starting out on your online business adventures or maybe you’re a seasoned sailor of the cyber seas, the bottom line for everyone remains the same.  It is this.  What online marketing tactic […]

5 Tips to write content for your small business website

Not everyone can formulate florid prose, or indeed propose pleasantly their services or products are other-worldly. In fact, it’s superbly difficult to write about yourself. Few do it successfully and either make a hash of it, or happily pay off […]

Spreading the Word

A snap overview of online marketing. In a previous post we covered some questions to ask before having a website built. That’s the ‘what’. Here we look at HOW people are going to find your products or services online. A great […]

Blossoming or burning?

I read an analogy a while ago that compared having a website for your business (or, for that matter, your art, a cause, portfolio or anything else) to putting a cake into the oven.  If you pop your cake in, […]