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If this is you…

  • Customers complain they can’t find you online,
  • Website outdated or slow,
  • No time to figure out where to find new clients,
  • Not tech savvy,
  • No clue where to start building an online presence,

…. WebWeaver can help.

Why be online?

  • Get found by clients - everyone searches online first.
  • Reach more clients - beyond your actual location.
  • Save tons of advertising money - online marketing is way cheaper than print ads.
  • Have a 24-hour showroom of your services or products.
  • Become known as a business that can be trusted.
  • Get real-time data through your website to help you make better decisions about sales strategies.

25 Smart Tips to Get Your Business Online (Free!)

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I need a website built for me, where do I start?

No time for DIY? WebWeaver can set you up FAST.

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WebWeaver helped me start up my business 3 years ago. Being an online shop, security is priority for all my prospective customers and people browsing the site. Without prior notice, I will receive mails telling me all security updates have been done. Having a partner like WebWeaver puts my mind at ease and I can focus on customers only.

Got questions? Find an answer here.

Should I do it myself or pay someone else to get my business online?

If you’re serious about your business and you want to make the best possible use of online tools, then hiring an online strategist is money well spent. Doing it yourself may be cheaper, but it will take a great deal of your time learning how to set up a website, editing content, finding the right images, understanding which online platforms are best, well, the list can go on. In the long run, trying to be ‘cheap’ is going to cost you. Focus on growing your business. Chat to WebWeaver about website design and marketing plans to suit your budget and sales goals.

What do I need to know to build my own online presence?

The short answer: quite a lot, actually. If you’re techno savvy, it’s within your grasp – it will simply take some time to learn how to:

  • Select the right kind of hosting for your site,
  • Find a platform to build your website on (and learn how to use that platform to build your site),
  • Write useful content that will bring clients to your door,
  • Design eye-catching images and other content people would be inclined to share with friends,
  • Decide which social media platforms would work best for your audience,
  • Work on ways to grow your audience through online tools,
  • Keep your online presence safe from cyber attack.

If I lost you on any point, well…. get in touch? We would definitely need to talk.

Is it difficult to build your own website?

You don’t need a Ph.D to build a website, no. But you do need SOME skills. You need to know the right end of a computer and a few more things. Also what does your website need to do? If you plan to only be an ‘online business card’, you COULD consider a free online website builder, as numerous as weeds on the (internet) sidewalk. But those platforms have a few drawbacks you need to know about. If you plan on setting up something more elaborate, you cannot fly solo. Speak to WebWeaver before you make a move you could regret….

Can I build my website myself and save money?

Sure! (Almost) ANYTHING is possible on the internet. There are a number of fairly competent free website builders you can use, WebWeaver did a review on a few. If you truly mean business, though, CHEAP is going to COST you. If you care about your bottom line and your (cyber) reputation, start the way you’d like to finish.

How long does it take to set up a website?

It can anything from a day to a month to set up a website. Times depend upon how ready you are with content (the text and images you want to use on your site). From the time that you purchase a domain name until it goes ‘live’ (when it can be seen by anyone) can be anything from 24-48 hours. Loading content and graphics takes anything from 3 days to a month.

How much does a website cost?

If you do it yourself, on a free platform – well, then it will cost you nothing. Just lots of your time… which actually DOES cost you, because that’s time you could have spent running your business. There are three main costs involved in setting up a website: domain registration (which is annual), hosting (usually monthly), and setup / design / build fees. The last category is going to be the most expensive and really depends on what you want your website to do, how much content you have and so on. Read more about website design fees here: Why A Website is not Like a Loaf of Bread.